Recent years have seen tremendous activity in the field of millimeter wave wireless communications. The potential in terms of higher rates and spatial reuse have been well quantified and understood. Comprehensive standards for both licensed (e.g. 5G NR) band and unlicensed bands (e.g. 60GHz 802.11ad/ay) have been developed and enhancements are underway. Regulatory bodies including the FCC have made it a priority to make spectrum available, and today tens of gigahertz of spectrum is available in millimeter wave bands. Companies, large and small, have invested heavily in R&D, in building products, acquiring spectrum and conducting trials.

Yet, a lot more needs to be done to make these systems commercially viable and successful, be it for mobile networks, fixed wireless or gaming applications. Achieving good coverage remains a key challenge for widescale adoption. Robustness to dynamic shadowing is another major hurdle to overcome for the new application scenarios. Finally, cost and power consumption remain serious issues to address.

Mixcomm’s innovative RFIC and system solutions address each of these challenges,dramatically advancing the commercial viability of millimeter wave systems. It starts with innovative power amplifier design that substantially increases the output power for such systems compared to the state of the art. The resulting higher power not only increases the cell radius (or equivalently the edge cell rates) by two to three fold but can also be used to substantially improve the robustness to dynamic shadowing. Additionally, Mixcomm’s solutions could be used to reduce array sizes on base stations, access points, tablets, smartphones and customer premises equipment thereby reducing solution cost and complexity. Mixcomm’s RFICs are developed in RF SOI CMOS, as compared to the more expensive, less integration-capable III-V processes. Lower complexity beamforming can reduce sweep and search times at the terminal thereby reducing power consumption.

Mixcomm was founded in October 2017 and is privately funded. Mixcomm’s leadership and engineering team have a proven track record in both academia and industry with decades of experience in wireless R&D and product development at successful institutions like Columbia University and Qualcomm.